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CruzFix - Facilities Issues & Work Order Requests

For all Westside Research Park facilities issues and work order requests, please submit a ticket request in CruzFix for PPDO:

  • For "Property" select UC Santa Cruz Westside Research Park

  • Fill out the request form and click "OK" at the bottom of the form to submit

    1. The Campus Work Order Desk will review the request and assign a Work Order # to the proper departmental facilities queue

    2. Emails will be sent to the requestor with progress updates, comments, and upon completion of ticket

** If you have a general inquiry about the Westside Research Park and would like further information please email the WRP Building Staff at for assistance.

Receiving at WRP

Packages are received at WRP from 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. The receiving window to pick up packages is 10:00am - 4:00pm, which may be retrieved from the WRP Facilities offices in Room A150.

Contact WRP Receiving at:

* We are located at the Westside Research Park, 1st Floor of Building A, Room A150.

The Westside Research Park Building Support Staff will notify all recipients of packages of their delivery via email (RT) that their shipment has arrived or has been placed in their lab or office space. If you have a special requirement for a delivery or want to be notified if a delivery has arrived or has been dropped off in your space, please submit an RT ticket via email to noting the item, supplier, carrier (if possible), delivery date, and any special instructions.

Shipments for delivery to WRP labs and offices should be addressed to WRP Receiving using one of the following address conventions:

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

2300 Delaware Avenue

Loading Dock/Building C

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(in CruzBuy this is shipping address DELBSE)

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

2300 Delaware Avenue 1st Floor

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(in CruzBuy this is shipping address DEL1)

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

2300 Delaware Avenue 2nd Floor

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(in CruzBuy this is shipping address DEL2)

Note: United States Postal Service (USPS) only delivers to UCSC Campus Mail Services at 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. For on campus delivery of USPS mail, a campus mail stop is needed. A campus mailstop can be established and used for this location

  • A "Mailstop" for your department can be requested here

UCSC Central Receiving will accept and hold all packages for Departments that are either closed or limited in hours of operations. This includes all packages delivered by US Postal Service Mail. Missed deliveries to WRP may end up here.

  • To schedule pickup at Central Receiving, please call (831) 459-2765 or email


All Hazardous Materials shipments from UCSC and off-campus UCSC sites must be done by UCSC EH&S Division Shipping. DO NOT ship hazardous materials for WRP labs to the main campus. Failure to comply can result in significant Civil and Criminal penalties:

Radioactive material may only be shipped to PBSci Receiving at Thimann Laboratory Building. PBSci will receive it and with EH&S Radiation Safety process the incoming shipment. Failure to comply can result in significant penalties.

Large Item Purchases - Please talk with WRP Facilities before ordering

BEFORE ordering anything of size or weight, such as laser tables, freezers, large lab equipment, please email WRP facilities at:

  • This is to help ensure the equipment can be allowed into the building, that it will fit into elevators, through door ways and that infrastructure needed for it (e.g. power, water, gas, air) will be in place. Please note that research groups are generally responsible for lab alterations (including conversion of power outlets to 208V). If the item is too heavy, too big or simply not allowed by the Fire Marshall, you will be fully responsible for the return.


Campus Mail

As the Westside Research Park is a newly occupied facility, a "Mailstop" for your department will have to be requested here, if you do not have one already. UC Santa Cruz will use your "Mailstop" to receive and distribute mail.

  • Please include your "Mailstop" in your delivery address information as it will help Campus Mail Services staff know where to deliver your mail, ensuring a timely delivery.

        1. Example: John Doe, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, MAILSTOP: BSOE, Santa Cruz, CA 95064


There is generally one person from custodial services at this building between 5:30pm - 2:00am. Services are provided by Custodial Services at UCSC.

  • If you have a custodial complaint or request, send a detailed email with specifics to the Custodial Manager (Jorge Solano <>), Night Shift Principal Supervisor (Michael Ferre, <>), and copy the WRP Facility Manager (Laura Ciravolo <>).


Each Thursday, Grounds Services will conduct resource recovery of the property. All large recycling bins at WRP will be collected. WRP occupants are responsible in emptying their individual recycling bins into the larger containers on the property in order to be collected.

Each Friday, Grounds Services will collect all cardboard from the recycling container located outside the loading dock area of Building C. It is the responsibility of each department to collect and discard their recyclables and place them in the proper locations for collection.

Traffic Conditions

The following websites provide information for traffic conditions during your commute:

Rethink Your Commute

  • myCruz511 can help you find a more sustainable way to manage your commute! Carpooling, riding transit, walking, biking, and many more modes of transportation around the greater Santa Cruz area can be found here.