Facilities Contacts

Westside Research Park Building Staff

  • Alexander Wolf, Principal Officer and Dean, Baskin School of Engineering

    • Phone: 831-459-4877

    • Email: dean-ea@soe.ucsc.edu

  • Peter Minogue, Director of Labs and Facilities, Baskin School of Engineering

  • Steve Arriaga, WRP Facility Technician

    • Phone: 831-502-0107

    • Email: esarriag@ucsc.edu

  • Tony Sabala, Facilities Operations Manager, Baskin School of Engineering

  • John Palochak, UCSC PPDO, Grounds Staff

    • Email: palochak@ucsc.edu

  • Judy Vanleuven, Operations Manager

Molecular Diagnostic Lab

  • Anouk Van Den Bout, Lab Manager

Genomics Institute

  • Kelly Sauder, Facilities Coordinator

    • Phone: 831-332-3297

    • Email: ksauder@ucsc.edu

  • Chris Parker, Facilities Manager

    • Phone: 831-459-4468

    • Email: cmp@ucsc.edu

  • Richard Baldwin, Lab Manager

    • Phone: 831-459-5382

    • Email: baldwin@ucsc.edu

  • Work Order Desk:

    • Phone: 831-459-4444 (M-F; 7:30am - 5:00pm)

        1. Note: Physical Plant Service Center Operations hours are 7:30 am to 5:00pm. Requests not made between these hours will be processed during the next business day

    • Phone: 831-459-4861 (after hours Emergency Dispatch)

        1. Note: Emergency Dispatch will investigate all after hours requests and assign to the proper campus work order request queue

        2. Note: For emergencies call 911: 24 hours per day/7 days a week (ie. visible smoke, gas leak, exposed live wires)